The hardest lesson I’ve learned from constant travel

  It was the third day in a row that I had traveled to a new city and the second week I had been in Scotland. I had been walking roughly 7-10 miles… Continue reading

Photos from Edinburgh, Miami and Istanbul

Arthur’s Seat. This is one of the highest points in Edinburgh. The climb was fairly steep towards the top. The view was worth it though. You could see all of Edinburgh and cities/towns… Continue reading


Nendo is a Japanese company with an amazing collection of designs ranging from watches to entire offices. Their products often resemble or include references from nature. Below are some of my favorite designs… Continue reading

Around the World in Three Questions

While traveling, I decided to ask a bunch of people the same three questions. This ended up being an amazing way to get to know people from all over the place. Hope you… Continue reading

On Traveling & Working Remote in Edinburgh

STARBUCKS WIFI Good free WiFi is hard to find. A Scottish woman joked with me that only 3% of Scotland has real high-speed internet. Regardless, Starbucks will always get you free WiFi and… Continue reading

Why I’m deleting my Facebook account

Facebook. We can check it in the morning, on the bus, in the kitchen or at the sports game. We can laugh over stupid photos of us tagged by our “friends,” stalk our… Continue reading

Lost at Sea

[Oil on canvas] I made this painting as a Christmas gift for someone. Thought I would share it.

This week’s picks of awesome designs/sculptures.

1. This ear on the wall by Michael Beitz 2. This cocktail table really sparkles. 3. I want this: a net that suspends you in mid-air as you read. 4. The magnetic one-handed… Continue reading

Absurd Creatures That Inhabit the Earth

1. The caterpillar that really looks like a cat 2. The Sea Angel 3. Narcomedusae (or Darth Vader) 4. The Dumbo Octopus 5. The Blue Parrot Fish is REALLY Blue

Luigi Prina: Ships That Sail Through The Clouds

These flying ships by Luigi Prina made of thin paper and balsa wood actually fly. Read More.